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Note: On 24.05.2018 the account hosting this website was compromised (along with others on the same host). None of the files were compromised, nor was this website the target apparently.

miniT 20110327 Adds a few tab related functions. [More Info + Forum][Changelog]
miniT (tabscroll) 20110327 Only tab scrolling.

undoclosetab 20151105 Adds a few Undo Close Tab UI hooks. [More Info + Forum][Changelog]

keyconfig 20110522 Rebind your keys. [More Info + Forum][Changelog]
  fr-FR by Mori and Jack Black   it-IT by MatrixIsAllOver   ja-JP by SHIMODA Hiroshi   sk-SK by SlovakSoft   cs-CZ by Tomáš Kopečný   de-DE by ReinekeFux -   ru-RU by stoneflash   es-AR by ZuGro   zh-TW by rexx26   ko-KR by kyo   zh-CN by Cye3s   da-DK by Jørgen Rasmussen

MenuManipulator 20140526 Manipulate your Menu. [More Info + Forum][Changelog]
  sk-SK by SlovakSoft   it-IT by Luca Pedrazzi - eXtenZilla   fr-FR by Menet   de-DE by ReinekeFux -   ru-RU by stoneflash

Search Type B 20150912 Bookmark powered Search Bar. [More Info + Forum][Changelog]

Version and compatibility info can be found in the update.rdf.
The license for all packages can be found within the package in the file README (.xpi and .jar are the same as .zip).

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It is possible to contribute through: Overall $269.00 have been contributed since 2005-05-01.

Contacting Me

The preferred way to contact me currently is the MozillaZine Forum posts linked above or via the Private Messaging system provided there.
Alternatively you can contact me via the Feedback form found on my main website (but don't expect a fast answer).