Obsolete extensions

miniT+ An enhanced version with some additional features and configurations. By Samir L. Boulema.
miniT (drag) Only tab dragging.
miniT (drag+indicator) Only tab dragging but with a drop indicator. By Caio Chassot.
tablib The reordering backend only.
tablib1 The old reordering backend only. [version 20040914]
tablib for SeaMonkey The reordering backend for SeaMonkey. [not fully testing][Based on miniT-20040219]
tabdrag Only tab dragging, requires tablib.

undoclosetab locales [before 20080612]
  fr-FR by TheoS   it-IT by peppomcr   nl-NL by Robert Juurlink   pl-PL by Przemysław Kulczycki   de-DE by B-Baller14   ja-JP by 来栖光明   ru-RU by Nik Skyfly   pt-BR by Hugo Sena Ribeiro   es-ES by Jarol   sv-SE by Andreas Westerlind   ca-AD by Oriol Gonzalez
undoclosetab_enh Adds configurations and Toolbar button for accessing recently closed Tabs. By Turonah. [based on 20051204]

keyconfig_enh A modified version by onemen. [based on 20050313]
functions for keyconfig Adds some additional <key>s intended to be edited with keyconfig. [Firefox 3.0]

MenuManipulator (noxpath) 20060418.1.0 For applications without xpath (Thunderbird 1.5, Nvu, Etna). Thunderbird 2 users should use the main package.

Extension Room Tool Tool for querying the Extension Room database.